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The Challenge: When Jake & Shelby first approached BRDDG, they were a clean slate - no social media presence, no songs released, no digital footprint. Their talent was undeniable, but their online presence was non-existent. They were artists in the purest form, yet to be introduced to the digital world.

Our Mission: Our role was multi-dimensional and crucial. We weren't just tasked to build their social media presence; our mission was to sculpt their digital identity, strategize their entrance into the online music world, and ensure their voice not only resonated with but also echoed across various platforms. We aimed to create a digital narrative that was as compelling and authentic as their music all while empowering them as a duo to understand the mechanics and the process along the way.

Setting the Stage:

Their journey with BRDDG began at what could be best described as ground zero in the digital world. They came to us with immense talent and potential but without a single digital footprint or social media strategy. This was more than just a starting point; it was a blank canvas ripe for creation and innovation. One of BRDDG's core values is client education. We believe that empowering our clients with knowledge and insights is as crucial as implementing strategies for them. Our approach with Jake & Shelby was no different. We embarked on a comprehensive journey of education and strategy development to ensure they were not just present in the digital world but were equipped to thrive in it.

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The Starting Line (January - March 2022)

Building the Foundations:

This phase was dedicated to laying the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for Jake & Shelby to navigate the digital landscape. It was a time of intense learning and preparation as well as internal discovery and discussion about who they wanted to be and how they wanted to present themselves to the world. Despite the casual appearance of much of their socials, it was a curated journey of trial and error to get there.

Educational Workshops:

  • Platform Specific Training: Detailed training sessions were held to impart platform-specific knowledge, focusing on the unique aspects of Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Content Creation Mastery: We conducted workshops to enhance their skills in creating engaging and authentic content that would resonate with their future audience. As well as helped them to understand what types of content worked towards what stage of their marketing funnel. We also took a long time to help them understand what a marketing funnel was and why it was important.

Identity and Brand Development:

  • Discovering Their Digital Voice: As Jake & Shelby embarked on their digital journey, the initial challenge was not just about establishing their presence, but about discovering who they were in in real life and translating that into the digital realm. They entered this stage with a clear passion for music and undeniable talent, but it was murky at best what they wanted to say, and how they wanted to make their audience feel at the start.
  • Encouraging Exploration and Confidence: At BRDDG, we believe that the essence of discovery lies in experimentation. There is truly no such thing as failure, it's all just feedback. Jake & Shelby were unsure of so much and so there was only one way to find out - mess around and see what feels good, what works well, and meticulously learn from all of it. This meant our role was to foster an environment where they felt confident enough to take risks, try new things, and step out of their comfort zone. This can be incredibly challenging because it's all out there on the internet for all to see - we GET this fear, but we're really good at helping our clients face it head-on.

The Philosophy of Trial and Feedback:

  • Risk-Taking: We encouraged Jake & Shelby to view the digital space as a playground for creativity. The aim was to experiment without the fear of failure, understanding that in the digital world, the only real failure is not to try.
  • Feedback as a Tool: Every attempt, whether successful or not, was seen as valuable feedback. This approach helped them understand what resonated with their audience and what didn’t.

Content Experimentation:

  • Diverse Content Types: We explored a variety of content formats – from music snippets and behind-the-scenes footage to personal vlogs and interactive posts. The idea was to showcase different facets of their personalities and music.
  • Analyzing Engagement: Each post was analyzed to see what content types, styles, and themes garnered the most engagement and positive response from the audience.

Building Confidence:

  • Encouraging Authenticity: One of our key focuses was to help Jake & Shelby find and embrace their authentic voices. Authenticity often resonates most with audiences.Gradual Exposure: We carefully planned their exposure, gradually increasing their visibility while ensuring they were comfortable and confident with each step.

Iterative Process:

  • Adapting and Evolving: Based on the feedback and insights from each post, we continually adapted and refined their content strategy.
  • Finding the Sweet Spot: This phase was crucial in finding the overlap between what Jake & Shelby liked to create, what they were good at, and what their audience enjoyed.

The Outcome:

Through this 'muck around and find out' stage, Jake & Shelby began to carve out their unique digital voice. They started to identify the types of content that not only they enjoyed creating but that also resonated with their growing fanbase. This phase laid the groundwork for their future content strategies and was pivotal in building the foundation of their digital identity.